Tuesday, December 19, 2006

As finals finish up, I will be back...

In a few days, but until then, Yankees 2000 has an excellent interview with Alex Belth, writer of Bronx Banter... I'll just copy and paste some of my favorite segments for views... (thanks to Steve... again...):

Y2K: Mets fans are convinced that a sizeable majority of Yankee fans are fake somehow, that they don’t really care, that they’re fans for social reasons. Do you find this criticism is justified?

Belth: Well, definitely on some level, but look, New York is a front-running town by nature. Yeah, we have great, loyal fans too. But let’s not kid ourselves, there’s lots of bandwagon cats here. In the 80s all those people were out at Shea because the Mets were winning. Now they’re Yankee fans.

The fact is that one of the things that a true, rational, decent-minded Yankee fan has to deal with is a segment of people who are totally spoiled by success. The owner [George Steinbrenner] has always tried to preach this entitled to win attitude, and because they’ve won so much, the fans have picked that up.
Y2K: What do you think the Yankee teams of the past 6 years have been missing that those late '90s teams had?

Belth: Luck. Some of that is luck that they created. They had a collective personality in the late '90s that was extremely driven; there were a lot of red asses on that team – competitive, self-motivated guys, guys who were opportunistic grinders.
When I come back, I will probably adapt a new blogging style... in order to make the blog more about the reader, I will write about comments I get and throw them up (with my answers) in the next blog post...

With that said, the comment I got from the Pettitte post will come along with my thoughts about the Igawa deal and the (hopefully dead) talks about the Melky/Gonzalez trade...

Thank you for the patience, and I will be back... heck, what else am I gonna do the next 4 weeks of break? Sleep?

Happy reading!


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