Tuesday, September 05, 2006

September 4, 2006 - Yankees 12, Royals 5: "It is high, it is far, it is... OFF the center field wall!"

To start the post, I'd like to show the play-by-play from MLB.com of the top of the 8th inning:

Top 8TH B:0 S:0 O:0
Pitcher Change: Jimmy Gobble replaces Luke Hudson.

Top 8TH B:2 S:2 O:0
Alex Rodriguez singles on a soft line drive to center fielder Joey Gathright.

Top 8TH B:1 S:2 O:0
Jorge Posada homers (17) on a fly ball to right center field. Alex Rodriguez scores.

Top 8TH B:0 S:1 O:0
Robinson Cano singles on a ground ball to left fielder David DeJesus.

Top 8TH B:4 S:0 O:0
Melky Cabrera walks. Robinson Cano to 2nd.

Top 8TH B:0 S:0 O:0
Offensive Substitution: Pinch hitter Bernie Williams replaces Aaron Guiel.

Top 8TH B:0 S:0 O:0
Pitcher Change: Scott Dohmann replaces Jimmy Gobble.

Top 8TH B:4 S:2 O:0
Bernie Williams walks. Robinson Cano to 3rd. Melky Cabrera to 2nd.

Top 8TH B:0 S:0 O:0
Pitcher Change: Andrew Sisco replaces Scott Dohmann.

Top 8TH B:1 S:1 O:0
Johnny Damon singles on a ground ball to center fielder Joey Gathright. Robinson Cano scores. Melky Cabrera scores. Bernie Williams to 2nd.

Top 8TH B:2 S:3 O:1
Derek Jeter strikes out swinging.

Top 8TH B:0 S:0 O:1
Bobby Abreu doubles (39) on a fly ball to center fielder Joey Gathright. Bernie Williams scores. Johnny Damon scores.

Top 8TH B:1 S:0 O:2
Jason Giambi grounds out, second baseman Mark Grudzielanek to first baseman Ryan Shealy. Bobby Abreu to 3rd.

Top 8TH B:4 S:2 O:2
Alex Rodriguez walks.

Top 8TH B:0 S:0 O:2
Pitcher Change: Ambiorix Burgos replaces Andrew Sisco.

Top 8TH B:1 S:2 O:2
Jorge Posada singles on a soft pop up to shortstop Angel Berroa. Bobby Abreu scores. Alex Rodriguez to 3rd.

Top 8TH B:0 S:1 O:2
Robinson Cano homers (9) on a fly ball to right field. Alex Rodriguez scores. Jorge Posada scores.

Top 8TH B:1 S:0 O:3
Melky Cabrera flies out to left fielder David DeJesus.

Whether the come-back is against the Devil Rays, the Rangers or the Royals, every epic comeback like this will always leave a great taste in your mouth...

The reason that makes this come-back even more sweet is how the runs were scored: with singles, walks, and power blasts... A-Rod starting the rally with a single, Posada coming through with a 2-run blast, Cano still hitting (to hit over .350 after coming off the DL is just flat-out good) with the single and HR, Bernie being productive in the pinch-hit role...

And Bobby Abreu, whose name was mis-spelled in the defense play-sheet on the Kansas City broadcast and whose double call was messed up by Mr. John Sterling (shown by the title), coming through with a big double...

From the AP:
RF Bobby Abreu matched a career high with three doubles. ``He fits this team like a glove,'' Alex Rodriguez said.
I whole-heartedly agree... the man affectionately known as "the Eye" by NoMaas.org fits perfectly in the 3rd spot for the simple fact that he sees so many pitches (as apparent in his OBP% since coming to the Yankees: .463!) , and putting him with Giambi and A-Rod following, pitchers would have to tire out before the 7th...

Tonight's game was a perfect example. Though the Yankees didn't do much against Luke Hudson, the Yankees made him throw 113 pitches before the 7th inning... the weakness of many teams is their bullpen, and if the Yankees can continue to look for their pitches and make pitchers work, they will be able to work on the bullpen, quite like a teenage boy rubs and washes his face just to get ready to work on popping the big zit staring at him on his forehead...

The 10-run inning overshadows a 5.2 inning, 7 hit, 3 run performance by Wang and a terrible home plate call by the ump in the 6th inning...

Let's hope that Mussina comes back and dominates after coming off the DL tomorrow...

And let me take this time to offer my congrats to Mr. Carlos Pena of the Boston Red Sox for his walk-off HR...

Here's a brief history of Carlos Pena, written by... uh... me!:

If you need a history lesson, Pena was a member of the Tigers since 2002 until 2005... the Yankees picked him off of waivers, played on the Clippers for 105 games, posting a .260 batting average until he exercised a clause in his contract, becoming a free agent...

Pena signed with the Red Sox on August 16th, he played his first game as a Sox on the 28th, and now, he hit the walkoff...
Apparently, Pena was raised around the Boston area... I'm glad he's happy and I hope he likes golf... I heard there are good country clubs around Boston, especially during October... :-)

Magic number: 17

Happy reading!


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